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Our Ultimate Goal!

A Place To Call Home

Secure a home for your relative with a disability, this single unit accommodation is simple and inexpensive. This community will include: Fully Equipped Medical Centre with 24/7 availability, employment opportunities, be a part of a community that works together and supports each other.

What we stand for
our principles


Equality and Opportunity for all including people with a disability.


NAFWAM’s vision is simple: we want everyone to have access to a good life. A good life for people with disabilities is not very different from a good life for anyone else: friends and family who love them, a place of one’s own, financial security, participating in decision making, and the ability to make a contribution to society.


In all of its work, NAFWAM is guided and inspired by four basic principles:
We believe that caring relationships are the key to safety, security and a good life. Cultivating loving networks for individuals with disabilities and their families, is at the heart of NAFWAM’s work.

“Over thirty years of working with people with disabilities, it has become clear to me that dignity, self determination and a caring support network is what matters.”—Steve Sofos, NAFWAM founder

At NAFWAM we believe that participation is the key to a fuller life. Participation contribution equals citizenship. People with disabilities have important contributions to make to our communities, and NAFWAM works to ensure the people it serves are recognised for their contributions.

“Through NAFWAM I am working to bring these values into the lives of people with disabilities because I have seen that it is the attitude of those who can provide support that determines how much quality a person with a disability and their family can have in their life.
It always disappoints me that so many people who could provide positive support with a caring approach are so negative. I have dedicated my work in the community services sector, to championing a positive approach and eliminating the negative.” — Steve Sofos, NAFWAM founder

We see our commercial goal as being to ensure that people with a disability are able to access the most effective and efficient services, provided by people and businesses that commit to and honour NAFWAM’s code of Respecting the client at all time, Being honest, Involving the person with a disability in all parts of the decision making process, Total transparency

“It is not the dollar made available that makes for a successful disability support scheme, but how that dollar is spent". Karel de Laat, NAFWAM Chairman, Group Development.

NAFWAM is committed to ensuring that resources for the person with a disability will always be directed by and accountable to that person and their families.

“Who will look after my child with a disability, when I die?” My mother had the weight of this question on her shoulders everyday. Even though I said I would look after my sister, that did not give her the peace of mind she needed and deserved. Through NAFWAM we want to assist families to have peace of mind".— Steve Sofos, NAFWAM, Founder.

Be a Part of the
Nafwam Social Enterprise

We would like to give everyone the opportunity to work as part of a team and learn new skills along the way, and to gain meaningful employment. If you have the desire to assist, teach, support and be a part of our vision. Please let us know.

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